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What is a Foam Roller?

When it comes to vigorous physical activity, whether it be something like intense cycling, running or bodybuilding, the muscles within the body can become very tense. A foam roller is something that can be used to help with myofascial release, this is essentially massaging the muscles in order to release trigger points or muscle tightness.
Nowadays, foam rollers tend to be used by a lot of people around the world who are starting to learn more and more about the benefits that can arise from carrying out myofascial release, such as helping people with their training as well improving their recovery process. It wasn’t too long ago that foam rollers were only used by the elite athletes and coaches, but now these things have been made more affordable and therefore more and more people are able to use this product as another way of assisting them to achieve their health and fitness goals.
The whole point of this self-massage invention is for you to be able to effectively aid yourself in terms of the recovery of the muscles in your body. Foam rolling helps by ensuring that the muscles are able to function properly which enables them to be healthier in the long run, and even in the short term.
For the majority of people, the tightest areas in their bodies that will need myofascial release via foam rolling is likely to be their back. So many people have various sorts of knots and pains in their backs due to a certain lifestyle or sometimes they may just be at a genetic disadvantage. But let’s see what would be involved if you were to foam roll your back.

First off, it is not recommended for you to foam roll your lower back as this area is very sensitive, but for the rest of the back, you would lie down applying pressure to the roller. Using your legs as a driving force, you roll yourself up and down at a slow and controlled pace, once you find a point that hurts, try to keep the slow moving motion of rolling on that area, you can even hold it there. Endure the pain for anywhere between 5-30 seconds and you should start to feel the muscle loosening.
So if you are someone who is very active and uses their muscles for physical activity or you just have tight muscles, we highly recommend you to invest in a foam roller.

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