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Are you wearing the right footwear for your workout?

A study revealed by revealed that 85% of people wear running shots that don’t fit. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or a newbie, one thing we know is there is a wide variety of shoes for different workout routines. But one thing that research has shown is, most of the time we think we know which shoes to wear but some (or most) of us don’t know.

Why is this important?

Your feet play an essential role in maintaining stability, speed, and performance for your workout. Undervaluing the importance of foot wear can affect the following:

·         Protects You from Injuries and Discomfort

It protects you against common injury, avoid injuries such as sprains, blisters, corns, calluses, heel pain, or even as far as breaking your ankle. According to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, failure to wear the right footwear can cause Metatarsalgia, a foot disorder that can affect the bones and joints at the ball-of-the-foot.

·         Maximizes Your Workout Regime

Optimum traction can help you boost your workout performance. Different shoes are optimized for different workouts, catering for different surfaces. Failure to do so will decrease the effectiveness of your activity.

How to Find That Perfect Shoe

·         Running shoes vs cross-training vs strength training

One of the main factors that you should consider when choosing the right shoe is the type of workout or sports that you are into. If you are performing a specific routine at least two or three times a week, then choose the shoe for your workout. There are generally three types of sports shoes: (1) running shoes, (2) cross training, and (3) strength training shoes. Here are the differences:



1.    Running Shoes

If you love to hit the treadmill, walk, run or jog, then a running shoe is the right type of shoe for you. Most running shoes today are engineered for optimum heel-to-toe motion and cushioning for improved performance while running.

2.    Cross Training

If you are into aerobics, CrossFit, kickboxing, weight training, or anything that requires side to side movement, cross training shoes are the perfect one. Cross training shoes are designed to maximize versatility, support, and durability. Specifically designed to take rigorous lateral movement, cross training shoes are made with thicker and heavier soles as compared with walking or running shoes.

3.    Strength Training

If you are keen on weightlifting, deadlifting, squats, bench and shoulder presses, then a strength training shoe would be perfect for your routine. This type of shoe is usually more simplistic, little cushioning but maximizes traction and stability with a flatter shoe. Additionally, strength training shoes are lighter and provides better mobility under duress.

Knowing your foot type

It is important to determine your foot type as it would help you choose the right shoe. According to the shoe’s features (as seen at the box), different shoes are designed for different feet type. There are three main foot types: (1) supination, (2) neutral pronation, or (3) overpronation.

·         Supinator

If you find the top outer edge of your shoe wears out quicker, you have a ‘supinator’ foot. A supinator tends to have higher arches and your feet rolls outwards.

·         Neutral

If your foot has a neutral pronation, your shoe’s rubber will usually wear out equally on all sides.

·         Overpronator

If the top inner edge of your shoe usually wears out faster, then you have an ‘overpronation’ foot. Overpronation is characterized by your feet’s immense inward rolling which is mostly experienced by flat-footed individuals.

End Note

On a final note, we all should be very wary of shoe sales, smooth talking sales person and great looking shoe overshadowing the shoe’s suitability. Unless you have limitless budget for shoes, the rest of us should have it at the back of our minds to always purchase a durable, effective and suitable shoe for our workouts. I hope this has been helpful for you and always be sure to choose shoes that will boost your workout, rather than holding you back from miximizing your routine.

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