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Nikki Arbour’s – Dear Fat People – Goes Viral

Nikki Arbour’s – Dear Fat People – Goes  Viral

ONTARIO, CA. — YouTuber celebrity as well as comedian Nicole Arbour makes a serious buzz immediately after she uploaded a video clip named ‘Dear Fat People’ in which she drops many fat-people jokes. During the pretty much 6-min video clip, Arbour compares overweight folks to sluggish-moving zombies as well as ...

Dear Fat People Video

I Skip Leg Day Video

I Skip Leg Day Video

Its a very funny commercial video from smart ebikes. But this might be soon a problem. I see so many people on ebikes. Makes me really wonder how good this is for personal fitness. Might be good when you got a long ride to work. Anyway i am not a big friend of this ebike hype.

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Funny Crossfit and Fitness Fails

Funny Crossfit and Fitness Fails

Factors to remember when you are performing deadlifts: Do not arch the back. You want to keep abdominals tight the WHOLE DURATION, plus keeping your spine straight. Ensure that the bar is as close as possible. Once you take it past your knee joints, dont think all about pulling it up with your back, push in ...


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