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Some Useful Diet Tips for the Vegetarian Bodybuilder

It is often believed that a vegetarian diet and muscle building can’t go hand-in-hand since protein is considered the primary nutrient for muscle building and most of the rich sources of this nutrient are non-vegetarian food for instance beef, turkey, pork and fish.

Does it imply that vegetarian don’t have a chance of building their body? Of course they have a chance! The vegetarian body-building diet should be arranged in a proper way so that it provides the body with adequate nutrition.

How to get the required nutrition for body-building?

In order to build a muscular and fit body, you will require a disciplined life, consistency and commitment. It must be a combination of workouts and a proper diet rich in nutrition. The 3 major nutrients along with other essential multivitamins for body-building are:

Proteins: Bodybuilding foods must offer a continuous supply of this nutrient all through the day to promote growth of muscle. These are made up of amino acids which are referred to as the building blocks of tissues and muscles. The development and repairing of muscle tissues would be impossible without proper nutrition.

In total, there are twenty two amino acids out of which nine are essential and remaining twelve are not so essential. These are absorbed by the small intestine and then released in the blood after they are rearranged. The nine essential ones cannot be created by the body on its own and thus have to be supplied through a proper vegetarian body-building diet. It also contributes in muscle building and replaces the old and damaged cells.

Carbohydrates: This is a vital energy source for our body and probably the best food for nutrition. Food recipes including whole grain pasta, bread and cereals are usually rich in carbohydrates release of a lot of energy. These are disintegrated into glucose on which the functioning of every cell depends. This is why, carbohydrates must cover 50 to 60% of one’s nutrition rich diet.

Fats: Even though most people think that fats are unhealthy, there are certain healthy fats which benefit the body in many ways. These are the biggest sources of nutrition, containing two times the calories present in carbohydrates and proteins. Unsaturated fats that are found in certain plants and oils have linoleic acid which is an important fatty acid. Fats-rich food recipes will provide the body with energy, rise satiety, balance hormones and protect the vital organs. Vegetarian body-building diet must contain fats and should cover 30% of the regular calories consumed.

What are some vegetarian food rich in nutrition?

While it may sound difficult, building up muscles by following a vegetarian body-building diet is not actually that tough. There are many plant-based foods rich in nutrition, and multivitamins for body-building, if you want to know how to choice best multivitamin for bodybuilding, see this post.

#1 Nuts

Nuts are those crunchy and energy-rich foods that are filled with proteins and other healthy calories, making them a great choice for body building diet. Some varieties of nuts like cashews and almonds are filled with fats, fibers and proteins that help you to gain surplus calories after you have burnt them in the gym.

#2 Quinoa

It is a perfect food rich in nutrition, containing all nine essential amino acids which the body does not create by itself. It is a rich source of complex carbohydrates and proteins that function as a proper source of energy and nutrition after heavy workout sessions. This item may be prepared just like rice but it is actually the seed of some leafy plant.

#3 Legumes and beans

These are some of the most nutrition rich foods that you may include in you vegetarian body building diet. Certain varieties of beans like pinto beans, kidney beans etc. are filled with multivitamins required for body-building. Besides improving the bowel movement, they also activate the insulin response which is necessary for growth of muscles since it boosts the body’s intake of nutrients.

#4 Fruits

Although it is often seen that many fitness freaks normally avoid fruits due to their heavy fructose level which may cause fat gain, there are some fruits like cantaloupes, apples and bananas that are very useful for building body. These fruits provide adequate nutrition to the body as they are filled with fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that are important for the growth of the muscle mass.

#5 Tofu

It is a commonly consumed soy product which is considered a healthy alternative to meat. It is also a rich protein source and has all the vital nutrients that is needed for the purpose of body building.


While it is true that it usually takes a longer time for a vegetarian to build muscles, but if you follow proper food recipes that provides you the necessary nutrition, then you will definitely achieve the desirable results. Be sure to keep the above information in mind. Hundreds of people are accepting this kind of food habits it surely does not mean that one has to compromise with his/her fitness and body building.

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