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Top 6 Benefits Of Yoga That You Didn’t Know About

We know that yoga is a surefire way to maintain not just great health, but a healthy lifestyle overall. The benefits of yoga are being increasingly recognized by the medical community, and have come to be embraced by a lot of people, who also vouch for its positive effects on mental and spiritual health. Regular yoga practice, therefore, does not merely increases flexibility and muscle strength, but is beneficial in a lot of other ways.

These are a few benefits of yoga that you might not have been aware of:


It benefits your digestive system

High-fibre and probiotic-rich foods can help the digestive system, and so, in fact, can yoga. Experts say that a lot of postures in yoga, especially twists, have been designed to massage the internal organs and ensure that the digestive system functions in a smooth and easy manner. That is why, while practicing yoga, people are required to first twist right and then left, in order to follow the path of the digestive system. Easier digestion ensures that the person remains energized, and, consequently, healthier and fitter.


Reduces the urge to overindulge

We often find that after a particularly strenuous workout, our body craves food with such desperation and urgency that we tend to cross certain limits, and end up resorting to overeating. Yoga can help deal with this problem by ensuring that the body builds up a defence against the urge to go overboard. Studies conducted by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, for instance, have proved that a steady and regular yoga practice has been tied to mindful and controlled consumption of food, through breath awareness, which creates a connection between mind and body.


Improves brain function

We are all aware that exercising can improve brain function, but yoga has some very specific mental benefits. Experts say that it uses the body and breath as tools to create equanimity and clarity in the mind: by synchronizing movement with steady and conscious breath, we feel less stressed, and begin to focus better. Studies have found that twenty minutes of yoga stimulates brain function more than walking or jogging on the treadmill for the same amount of time does.


Strengthens immunity

Yoga has been found to boost immunity at the cellular level through gene expression, and according to one study, this difference can often be felt while one is in the process of practicing yoga. This is a discipline, therefore, that improves overall strength, while also reinforcing the body’s defence by boosting immunity.

Yoga  Strengthens your immunity


Reduces snoring

People who have issues with snoring often experiment with a host of varied methods in order to try and deal with the problem – unsuccessfully. Yoga is something that can help with this. Basic exercises such as pranayama help increase air circulation and lung capacity, while ensuring that the passages remain open. Breathing exercises also help strengthen the muscles in the throat and face, and can help decrease and perhaps even eliminate snoring problems in the long run.


Makes you better at your job

This might seem surprising, but it is simply a matter of increase in concentration and creativity. We are all aware that new and innovative ideas come to us when we give ourselves some much-needed space and stillness. It figures, then, that yoga and meditation are becoming increasingly important insofar as success in today’s world is concerned. Yoga, in moving the body, creates physical space and stirs up energy, while meditation allows this energy to settle down, therefore letting us come up with more creative ideas. This ultimately leads to better decisions, better work relationships, and increased productivity.

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