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The Working Person’s Diet Plan

Everyone who works in an office is guilty of giving in to sweet treats, such as doughnuts, pastries and chocolate bars. When you’re sat at your desk not doing any exercise and scoffing your face with fatty sugary foods, you’re not going to be doing your beach body any wonders. By getting in to a routine and sticking by it, you’ll feel a million times better when the hot weather kicks in and you’re forced to put more flesh on show! Don’t ruin your dream job with a nightmare figure. Say no to those office biscuits and lunch time chocolate bar runs, and say yes to your smaller waistline. Check out our simple guide to having a healthy diet in the office.

Make time for brekkie

Demanding bosses and tight schedules can leave us skipping out important meals of the day, most commonly, breakfast. Don’t neglect your breakfast time! We often skip brekkie to get a few more minutes of shut-eye before a long day. If you find you do this often then you should consider going to bed half an hour earlier. You should always make your breakfast at home, or have it prepared to eat when you get to the office. If you don’t do this, then you’re going to pick up a high-calorie snack food in a desperate attempt to give you the much needed energy you need. This will leave you unsatisfied and craving more. Give yourself enough time for a cup of tea or coffee with skimmed milk and no sugar. This bit of caffeine will give you the injection of energy that you need to start your day.

Diet Plan Breakfast menu options:

Quick fix:

A selection of fruit such as: 1 apple, grapes, orange and banana
Reduced sugar cereal bar, and a banana. 1 skinny latte is allowed to accompany this also!

  • 2 slices of wholemeal toast with light low fat-spread and marmalade, plus fruit of your choice
  • 2 slices of wholemeal toast with lightly spreading peanut butter and 1 banana (yes peanut butter! In small quantities this popular spread can be a great way to start your day)


  • 2 Weetabix with skimmed milk and fruit (strawberries, banana or raisins), and a small glass of orange juice for vitamin C
  • Bran flakes with raisins, raspberries or bananas and skimmed milk
  • Porridge with skimmed milk and fruit, with green tea

Cereal Breakfast Diet Plan

During the day


Make sure you take a snack to work so that you don’t get tempted by the goodies in the canteen or the local super market. Think of an array or nuts or fruit. Although nuts do have quite a lot of calories in them, they are healthy and natural fats. This means are bodies are designed to burn them off, so they won’t sit on our thighs like unhealthy snacks do. If you are eating three strong meals a day, then you’ll soon find that you don’t need to snack as much. When you get the urge to snack, you should try drinking a mug of green tea, or having a large glass of water. It is often when we think we’re hungry and feeling the need to pick at things that we’re in fact dehydrated. Keep a bottle of water at your desk so that you can reach to it easily to quench your thirst throughout the day.


If you are serious about losing weight and keeping up a healthy lifestyle, then it’s better to prepare lunch at home for your diet plan. If you’re constantly buying lunch out then it’s less difficult to stick to a healthy diet as the supermarket or restaurant may not have healthy options on offer. By preparing lunch at home, you can get a hearty portion of healthy goodness that will fill you up properly!
Any salad is a great idea for work. They don’t have to be boring! You can top them with whatever you like. If the topping has a lot of calories such as steak or cheese, then leave the bit of bread behind and pack more salad in.

Chicken Salad

Example of healthy salad for your diet plan:
Chicken salad – 1 sliced chicken breast on a bed of salad with fat free dressing. Add a wholemeal pitta bread to ensure you’re full and satisfied.
Soup is a great way to fill you up and keep you cosy on a cold day. It’s incredibly easy to whizz up some soup at home following a healthy recipe. If you make a big batch at the beginning of the week then that’s your lunches sorted!
Example of soup lunch: Wholemeal roll with homemade healthy soup (carrot & coriander, minestrone, tomato, the possibilities are endless!)

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