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Runners Guide To Avoiding Ankle Injuries

While many people consider running an easy fix to getting fit, the truth is that it is an endurance sport designed to push your body to its limit. It is good for getting you fit, but not because it is easy. If you don’t treat your body with care and respect, you are more likely to damage your body than make it better.

Here 5 tips to get you started with.


Warm Up

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking – “I don’t need to warm up.” This is common for a lot of people that are still quite young and enjoying their residual, youthful energy. When you’re young you’re limber and full of it and this can last anywhere up until the age of around 30 when suddenly you realise you can’t get your foot around the back of your head anymore. You are not immune to the effects of ageing, you need to warm up. Even if you don’t feel like it now, you need to get into the routine of warming up.

Light stretches or short jogs should do the trick, it’s nothing arduous, but it prepares your muscles and prevents injuries that could make further training much harder.



You should always be aware of what is going on around you when exercising, and this is no different for running. Your environment effects your exercise and in the case of running can drastically alter the way you approach that run.

It is always advisable to run on clear, soft terrain free of clutter and potential hazard. There are a lot of pathways and parks throughout Britain that make this pretty hassle free. If you do decide that you want to up the ante and go for more dubious terrain, you’re going to need the right equipment…



A lot of people seem to think that when you’re running you just need to grab some trainers and go. Whilst this is sort of true, you’re not doing your body any justice by just slapping on any old pair of shoes. Your choice of shoes should directly relate to your foot type and the type of running you wish to do.

If you’re doing your running on an obstacle course, as has become popular these days, you’ll want something light weight with grip and, in the words of one wise man on the Tough Mudder forums, “something that will drain” all the mud and water out as you run. You don’t want to be lugging that around with you.


Warm Down

If people undervalue the warm up section of their exercise regime, they straight up ignore the warm down part, and in some senses, it is more crucial. For the duration of your exercise your muscles have been getting tighter and tenser. Warming down allows you to loosen those muscles up again so that they don’t cramp or cause injury.



If you do injure yourself, it is of the utmost importance that you do as the doctors and physiotherapists prescribe. They aren’t trying to hinder you by keeping you off your feet for longer, they are trying to ensure that you recover. If you try and rush your recovery you will do even more damage and increase the probability of a recurring injury.

If you twist or hurt your ankles in any way you should probably see a doctor. If you experience swelling you should ice your foot to bring out the bruise. Training after an injury should be done with supports if necessary but make sure that you don’t over-rely on them, because wearing them for too long can also hinder recovery.

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About the Author
Rohit Madhav is the founder of London based Ankle Foot Motion and specialises in treating sporting related ankle injuries.

Fitness Freak, Blogger, Webdesigner, Husband and Father.

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