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What to Do When Physical Exercise Feels Just Too Much

Physical exercise is of paramount importance in maintaining a healthy mental and emotional state as well as securing physical strength. The endorphins that are released through exercise help to encourage us to feel happier, calmer, more confident and energetic. In fact, by simply moving more, we increase the desire, ability and enthusiasm to continue. It is often the first steps into physical exercise that are the most challenging and once this overcome, the greatest obstacle tends to be defeated. The following article explains some ways that you can encourage yourself to move when physical exercise feels just too much.


One of the most common contributors to poor motivation levels and defeated energy and enthusiasm is improper fueling. If you have been waiting for your workout and the moment has come and it seems just too much, be aware of whether you have prepared nutritionally. Remember to eat an hour before exercise in order to have the necessary boost of energy and be considerate of your food choices. Although rigid fad diet plans such as high-protein, low carbs or raw food and clean eating plans can offer superb results, they can be too restrictive. Be aware of your likes, treat yourself occasionally but consider that a high-sugar, excessive carbs and minimal nutrient-rich binge is likely to wreak havoc on your exercise intentions. Eat well, see treats and ‘cheats’ as further motivation for movement and find a realistic balance that you can commit to.

It is also important to eat fairly quickly after working out too.  It is best to eat within half an hour of your workout. You could first start with a small snack (maybe a protein bar), just after you finish, if you are coming home from the gym.  Then you can properly refuel when you are home. If you get into a bad habit of not doing this, you will find that you will suffer on subsequent work outs. You may find recovery really difficult too.  This can spiral out of control so its best to be really consistent and respectful of the need for good fueling before and after.


Music is recognized as being one of the most energizing and encouraging ways to get exercising when it all seems too much. Choosing songs that suit your taste, encourage you to push on and carry you through a high-intensity workout will serve to be one of the most effective ways to spur on some movement. If you had promised yourself some physical activity and the thought now fills you with despair, try listening to a song or two that rev you up and demand you respond with some form of action. Even if it’s a dance in the kitchen or a wiggle from the sofa, the smallest amount of movement is likely to encourage a smile and possibly even lead to a greater desire to enjoy a full workout.

Vary Your Exercise Routine

Vary your workout for an increased desire to move. If you are sat dreading the idea of slogging away on a treadmill in the gym, perk yourself up by committing to a new activity such as ice-skating, swimming or indoor rock-climbing. Any exercise plan that is repetitive and dull is inevitably going to fail and probably destroy your soul in the meantime and so recognize the activity that you enjoy, challenge your confidence in trying absolutely new experiences and excite yourself with the potential of meeting new friends, gaining new skills and reinvigorating your exercise enjoyment.

Use Exercise to Socialize

Those who see exercise as a social opportunity are also more likely to maintain their commitment to movement. Whether you commit to a workout with friends or a lunchtime walk with colleagues, having company during your fitness endeavours will not only help to pass the time more quickly, but will ensure that others depend on your attendance and will prevent you from cancelling. Inevitably, you’ll have to return the favour on their sluggish days too.

There are many different clubs you could join to get your exercise fill.  Whether you like running, climbing or boot camp style workouts there is a club for you that will help motivate and inspire.

Motivational Images and Goals

Some people respond well to motivational images if their ambition is to change their physical appearance. Having a goal shape, weight or ability can be an excellent way to ensure that you commit to an exercise plan. Try to maintain realistic targets, particularly if the ultimate goal will take a significant amount of work. Some people who are struggling to maintain enthusiasm or focus their efforts use a celebrity image, a sportsperson physique or the achievements of a friend as their motivation and when getting up to move seems like too much of a challenge, a few moments of concentrating on such goals can be incredibly effective.

Go Easy on Yourself

There will of course be times when physical exercise is just not achievable. Whether it’s a health, emotional, geographical or logistical reason, there will be occasions when the obstacle can’t be overcome. Fear not, that’s not the end of the goal, nor is it a failure. It is important that you recognise that an unquenchable desire to not move is occasionally just your body’s way of demanding rest and rest is equally important as movement – as long as there is balance. Don’t promise to exercise for twice as long the following day or commit to two gym sessions to compensate, enjoy the rest and rejoin your fitness plan, no matter how small, full of rejuvenation, determination and focus.

Taking a down week where you do less intensity can also be beneficial overall to your workout routine.  We all need a break from doing the same thing day in and day out, so make sure you schedule a week every so often to do a little bit less and to enjoy some proper recovery.

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