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What is your last meal of the day?

When it comes to deciding what to eat as your last meal of the day, some people do not know what the option is in terms of where they are trying to be with regards to their fitness goals, some days you have just been too busy and you are not able to get your meals in as early as you wanted, so you may end up having to eat later than you would have liked.

However, there are some things that I think you should be aware of when it comes to the types of meals that are eaten towards the end of the day, they should not really be filled with too many complex carbs that are slow burning, so things like pasta, potatoes or rice. Therefore your last meal or last couple meals of the day should be higher and more focused on higher amounts of protein as well as things like vegetables and salads, so along with your protein source, you want be getting things like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce etc. into that last meal of the day.
The benefits to this includes the fact that these sources of carbs are low in water and high in fiber, this means that as you are sleeping, you are not going to be retaining as much water as you would have if you were to have eaten something that was more of a complex, slow releasing carb like rice, so when you wake up in the morning, you can appear to look leaner especially in your abdomen area. So that it a huge reason as to why many people decide to keep their last meal of the day light. Fish along with some sort of salad or vegetables of your choice is a great way to have a lighter meal,

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