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Intense Biceps Workout

If you are someone who trains in the gym and you are more concerned with how you look, for example being a bodybuilder or you are just someone who wants to improve on their overall physique, biceps are a must. Even though they are a relatively small muscle group compared to things like your back and legs, biceps just add to the overall package.
So, you want to grow your biceps. Well intensity is key here. Let’s go through a great bicep routine that will hit both heads of the biceps, if you did not already know, there are two separate parts to the bicep. The short head, and the long head, the short head is the inner part of the bicep and the long head is the side of the bicep.

Exercise 1

Standing E-Z Curl Bar – 4 sets

  • Set 1 – 15 reps
  • Set 2 – 12 reps
  • Set 3 – 8 reps
  • Set 4 – 5 reps

Exercise 2

Superset – 2 Sets
Rope Hammer Curl superset with single arm dumbbell curls
(This will really hit your longhead and your biceps will be pumped, especially due to the fact that you had done 4 sets of heavy E-Z curl bar).

Exercise 3

Machine Preacher Curl – 1 moderate strain set then 1 intense drop set

  • Pick a weight where you can get 12 reps with a moderate strain (where it isn’t too easy but where you are staying a few reps away from failure)
  • Drop set – Start heavy (5 reps) and drop the weight four times in total, each set to failure.


Exercise 4

Finisher – 3 sets
Reverse grip curls superset with cable curls

  • 10-12 reps each exercise for 3 sets

If you are trying to get your biceps to grow, try this workout, your biceps will be pumped full of blood and as long as your nutrition is in check, you will see great gains.

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