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Garmin VivoFit Review

Garmin VivoFit Review

I’ve had my Vivofit since 08/14 and it is still outstanding. I’ve had other monitors before this without a doubt the best of all of them. Firstly, YOU DON’T EVER GOTTA CHARGE (properly not for like a entire year). That is the major plus. I have not experienced any kind of syncing dilemmas in any way. The rest tracker really works perfectly. Probably my personal favorite features is that it assigns you a day-to-day aim attempting to get one a lot more motivated, not only the same quantity again and again. Whenever it starts at 5,200 steps and I reached my target, 24 hours later the target might be knocked upwards a little bit. It continuously attempts to generate more and more activities.

Some features and pointers for this VivoFit Review

  • Water-proof (for general things such as cycling, showers, rainfall, and so on…)
  • EXTRAORDINARY life cycle of battery. The next time you will need to exchange battery power it’s going to be 2016. 😉
  • Really precise for a wrist monitor. Almost all wrist monitors allow for problems, this particular one has much less.
  • Really comfy to wear. The fastener doesn’t come apart.
  • Motivating – adds you every day targets. There’s a simple target function that counts down to 0 along with the standard overview.
  • Capable of connect with a heart-rate monitor! GREAT not many others have that function.
  • Links in Garmins Connect ( great if you want to link all your Garmin Gatgets linked together, like a GPS)
  • It is also lightweight and low-profile – isn’t going to catch on cloths.
  • Uncomplicated to set up – completely no problems while establishing a connection to the laptop or desktop and my iphone 4s.
  • Syncs with no trouble Plug and Play. Love it

Final VivoFit Review
There’s lots of additional things to mention about this gadget nevertheless it has executed perfectly for me personally until now. There had been one day or so where the device couldn’t get the daylight-savings time adjust, but guess what happens, Garmin rolled out an update and all was fine within the next day or so.

Review by Franco

9 Total Score
Great Tracker

There's lots of additional things to mention about this gadget nevertheless it has executed perfectly for me personally until now.

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