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Gaining and Maintaining Ripped 6 pack Abs

A perfect set of artistically carved 6 pack abs is the epitome of fitness and effort in the gym. It is a perfect example of a low body fat hence looking good in every outfit that you wear. Perfectly ripped abs are a definite envy to many; some will want to have a close look while others will want to touch. If your midsection is defined by rolls of fat then you may want to stick around for the lessons below. If you fully commit to your sessions, you will be swimming with the big sharks in a few weeks.

Control Your Diet
There is no easy way out when it comes to perfectly ripped abs. If you are used to eating the wrong kinds of food, this is the time to train yourself on healthy eating. Your main aim should be to eliminate a number of fats and water from your diet. If you consume too many carbs, you will need to cut down the amount. Focus on consuming just enough for your daily intake. Maintain the carbs intake until your abs are ready to be seen. It is then that you will need to cut down the intake in order to properly define the packs.

1. Sit Ups
In order to tone up and burn fat around the midsection, you need to perform exercises that specifically target the core. Sit ups are some of the most effective exercises that effectively work the core area.
Lay flat on the ground and bend your knees. Cross your arms over your chest and lift your torso up towards your knees. If you find it difficult to keep your feet stable on the ground, have someone hold them down for you or simply lodge them under furniture. If the basic sit-ups start becoming less challenging for you, choose to perform weighted sit ups whereby you could hold on to weights on your chest as you raise up. Performing sit-ups on an incline bench are also challenging hence better results.
2. Crunches
Although similar to sit ups, crunches are highly effective in toning the abs. This workout entirely engages your abdominal muscles hence a better definition and toning. For this, you need to lay flat on the ground and put your arms on your chest. You could also choose to touch your temples but do not place your hands under your head. Bend your knees. Raise your torso towards your knees, hold for a few seconds then lay back down. At this time, ensure that you flex your abs muscles by breathing out and holding on to the last gasp of breath. Do not lift the entire back off the floor as it may cause back strain. Once you get to a near sitting position, exhale the gasp of air you’d breathed in then inhale through your nose as you lay back down. Only your shoulders should touch the ground while your head remains elevated

3. Leg Lifts
This is a workout that will leave your abs burning up. Worry not, though, it only means that the fat around that area is melting away and that your muscles are getting a proper definition. For this workout, you need to lay flat on the ground, place your hands next to your hips and legs stretched out straight ahead. Tighten your abdominal muscles and lift your legs off the ground to a 90 degrees angle in the air. Lower them back down without touching the ground and repeat.

4. Jack Knife Sit Ups
This is the kind of workout that will be challenging at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Lay flat on the ground with your hands placed palm down on the ground for balance. Bring your legs up as you also elevate your torso at the same time. Your knees will naturally fold as you make this movement. When meeting at the mid-section, you should be able to kiss your knees then revert to the initial position. In order to make this workout, even more, challenging, you could try placing an object in between your legs, for instance, a soft squishy ball.
5. Butt Ups
Get in the press-up position but with the forearms on the ground. Carefully lift your glutes up in the air to mimic a mountain then gently lower the glutes back down. Do not lower your glutes sag past your hips.

Perfectly defined and tones abs speak volumes. They tell the story of your weight loss journey and effortlessly earn you respect and admiration. Take advantage of any machine for abs available at your gym in order to maximize your sessions.

By Fitbys Co- Author Emily Brathen
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