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Body Wrap Hype

Whenever there is something out there that says it can give you results with regards to losing body fat and weight within a very short amount of time, people are going to jump on it and try to use it no matter what, just due to the fact that the product has created some sort of hype around itself. But sometimes these products do actually work and other times they simply do not. So when it comes the body wrap, you may be thinking whether or not it actually works and if it does work, how well does it work etc.


Just do some weekly exercise and watch your food. Thats the ONLY key to lose weight!

Images below are some examples from instagram users who try to take your money! And not your extra weight.

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One of the major things that attracts the mass amounts of people to these types of products such as the body wrap is the fact that they say you do not have to make any type of huge changes to your current lifestyle and your nutrition and things like exercise do not even have to come into play when using their product. These body wraps involve you having to be wrapped in cotton bandages which contain some sort of mixture, stuff like oil, mud, mineral salt etc. You then have to sweat for a period of time and after this you look down to see how much fat you have lost.

Some of the benefits of using a body wrap include the fact that it firms and tightens the skin, helps to get rid of toxins and reduces the appearance of cellulite. However, these products claim that they give you the ability to be able to lose body fat no matter what, however, this is not really the case. For the majority of these wraps, they do not get rid of fat cells or burn body fat, this is because of the fact that these processes happen from within the body whereas the body wrap is on the outside of your body, so it is not really that effective when it comes to helping you to lose fat. So I would have to conclude that the body wrap hype is nothing to get too excited about as a lot of them do not help you lose fat, but there are other benefits to using it like clearing toxins from your body for example.

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