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A major reason for having those yoga poses before sleeping is that stretching the body and the muscles ensure that you sleep well in the night. Yoga thus improves your quality of sleep. Unfortunately, not all of us know of this secret and how it can change or turn those sleepless nights to nights with good and quality sleep. Remember, sleep helps the body and the mind to relax. Also, it helps in refreshing you for a new day. Lack of essential and good quality sleep can lead to stress in the morning and the following day. It, therefore, plays a role in the reducing of productivity in tasks and assignments. Yoga before bed is vital and helps you relieve stress. At the same time, it will help in calming the brain and the mind, relaxing muscles and lowering stress for the day. Notably, some yoga poses are easy and are essential to try before you sleep.

1. Easy Forward Bend

It is easy and simple for all including the beginners. It is good to do the pose before you rest. It ensures that the bones and joints are stretched. It helps avoid pains on the bones and the joints. Using a pillow while performing or taking the pose is a good idea. It makes it simpler and easier for you. You can use any means to be seated comfortably on the floor. Ensure you are sitting with the spine straight. The hips should be at a level the same as the knees. If not, let the knees be a little lower. Use a cushion or a novel if you require one.

2. Up the Wall Pose

The pose is simple and is good for relaxation especially in the evenings or night. It ensures that you have less stress levels. Also, it helps to stretch the back and the joints. It is usually performed best when one is against the wall. It is essential to remain in the pose for as long as you can or for about 7 minutes at least. You can use props for support or leave them out in the pose. However, the support provides you with more relaxation. However, the two have similar benefits. Also, the two need you to be against a wall while performing. You can use a pillow for support.

3. Child Pose

The pose is among the most effective for relieving stress. Also, it does well in calming the mind and stretching your muscles and, therefore, reducing the tension in the joints. One of the causes of back pain is the failure to exercise the joints and the muscles. The pose is essential for exercising the two. Start while kneeling on the floor. While you sit on the heels, stretch your hands to touch the gig toes. The next step is separating the knee some feet apart. Exhale in the position. Also, try laying the torso between thighs.

Child Pose Video

4. Seated Spinal Twist

This is simple and is essential to try before you sleep or get into the bed. It helps in relaxing the muscles and aids in helping you sleep. The pose is performed while you sit on a mat. You can practice by bending the two legs or stretching one. Pull one leg preferably the right over the left which should be extended. Take breaths in this position.

5. Corpse Pose

Use a corpse pose and let the body be in a sleeping mode. Focus all your attention on both the breath and your body. Let go and forget all stress and worries. Just relax in the position. You can close the eyes too. It will give you some relaxation and also relieve stress and worries before bed. You can stay for seven minutes while you take breaths.

6. The Supine Spinal Twist

It is easy to do or perform before you sleep. It starts with you lying down and then lifting your right knee toward the chest. Then, ensure you then move it across the left side. Gaze to the right side and extend the right arm to the direction of the gaze. Take breaths repeatedly and keep alternating the pose on the other side. It is also good and easy to try bringing the two legs together and crossing them.

7. Plow Pose

If you do the pose, it will help you sleep easily and fast. Start while lying on the back. Lift the legs so that they are in a position above the head. Then lower them to the ground behind. Your hands should be on the floor or on the back for more support.


Yoga helps to relax your muscles and helps you sleep better. It also helps in elimination of toxins. Also, it helps in stress relieving and reducing depression. Apart from increasing your chances for better and quality sleep, the practice helps improve your health and your quality of life.

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