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According to available statistic, almost all women suffer joint pains at the period of pregnancy, and this results from weight gain. It is, however, vital to take care of yourself during this period. Take precaution for the nine months to avoid the joint pains and use tips to relieve them. There are methods and ways that most doctors recommend to pregnant mothers for easing the back pains or for providing complete relieve. Learn how you can avoid stress from joint pains from the points below.

1. Muscle Strengthening Exercises

It is essential to ensure that your joints and muscles remain strong during your pregnancy period. Joint pain overview shows apparently that women with stronger muscles persevere pains during pregnancy, especially in their joints. It is, therefore, necessary to do exercises that are good for muscle strengthening. It is vital to note that pregnant women do not need to be in bed rest. Use the bed for a little rest at night when you are sleeping unless the doctor instructs otherwise. Climbing stairs are one of the exercises that strengthen the muscles. Also, involve your body in exercises like walking uphill, carrying shopping and also practice weight training. Ensure there is moderation in exercising to avoid more strain on the muscles and thereby increasing the back and joint pains.

2. Prenatal Yoga

Most women turn to this technique for getting relieve from back joint pains. Joint pains may make your life hard in the nine months by making you inactive. Try and use yoga for pain relief on muscles, the back the joints and the nerves. The cause of the pains in these parts could be the weight of the pregnancy. It may make you hurt. Prenatal yoga is essential for the improvement of a pregnant woman’s posture. Prenatal yoga not only relieves the pains on the back and joints but aids in relieving stress. It also helps pregnant women have better nights as it makes them sleep better. It provides focus and grounding in the midst of hormones and emotions that change in women during pregnancy.

3. Swimming

Most doctors recommend swimming exercise to pregnant women. The exercise is good and essential for taking pressure off the spine. The essence of this is ensuring that pressure does not cause strain on the spine and, therefore, cause back or joint pains. Swim with someone and ensure that you do not strain the body muscles too much.

4. Walking

Walking improves the body’s flexibility and thus reduces joints strain. When the body is flexible, there are good benefits of reduced pain on the back and the joints. The activity is gentle on the joints and is thus unlikely to cause more strain or pain unless it is overdone. It is, therefore, vital and essential to talk to your doctor on how far you should walk. Too much walking can result in more back pains and also joint pains. Walking also aids in increasing the strength of the joints especially the knee and the hip joints that are responsible for carrying or holding much of your weight. The exercise is thus good and essential for your stability. Stability prevents falls that can cause joint pains or back pains. A fall can also cause harm to you and the baby.

5. Jogging

Jogging is essential for easing back pains in pregnant women. The intensity of jogging should, however, be less. Jogging helps in improving the flexibility of the joints mainly the knee joints. The knee joints can thus gain flexibility and stability. With the flexibility and the stability, the range of motion for a pregnant woman also improves. Jogging also relieves pain from the joints by ensuring movement of knee joints at low speed. The low intensity of the exercise ensures that knee joints and the hip joints do not strain. The exercise is thus healthy and does not cause any pain in the joints. Jogging cannot hurt unless the intensity of the exercise is high.

6. Dancing

Dancing is another yoga exercise that helps to relieve pain from the joints. Dancing ensures that the joints move flexibly and in slow motions. Remember to maintain the intensity of the exercise low. It helps to reduce and prevent strain on the back, the knees, and the hips. While dancing, ensure to move the knees gently, the shoulders the hips and the feet too. Dancing improves the flexibility of the joints and thus reduces strain during movements or other exercises. Dancing also soothes the joints. It is a good exercise as it improves the range of motion.

Doctors recommend the use of aquaflexin supplements for persistent pains in the joints. See the doctor first before using the supplements.


In conclusion, joints and back pains are stressing for pregnant women. It is essential and vital therefore to ensure you follow these simple tips to avoid and relieve the pains. These tips can help you have easier nine months. If the pains are too much, however, it is always good to visit the clinic for checkups. The tips require a routine. Do them consistently.

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