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5 Common Mistakes Which Lead To Back Pain

Over the years, back pain has been on the rise, sending more patients to the doctor than any other condition (apart from a common cold of course). According to research, it is the third most common cause of surgery and the third most common reason for hospitalization. Back pain is characterized by immense pain on the back accompanied by numbness/ tingling and overall body weakness. There are many conditions that can trigger back pain. However, there are also everyday habits that can take a toll on your back if your continue doing them for a long time. They include:

1. Wearing High Heels

High heels force you to arch your back making the spinal muscles work harder. After a long time, your back will start to hurt, and you will wonder why. The same case applies to flip flops. They cause your feet to move from side to side causing uneven distribution of weight, and in the process trigger pain. However, that doesn’t mean that you forego trendy fashion wear, far from it. Simply, ensure you don’t walk in them for them for long and when traveling, add cushioning inserts to uncomfortable shoes.

2. Holding Grudges

I know this sounds crazy, but it is true. Researcher James W. Carson will tell you that human emotions, muscle tension, and thoughts greatly influence the strength of our pain signals. Without the peace of mind, you tend to suffer from stress, depression, resentment and other mental conditions that trigger back pain. They say “to err is human and to forgive is divine”. Well, it will be divine especially to your back.

3. You Sleep On a Really Old Mattress

Don’t wait for your back to hurt for you to realize your mattress needs to be replaced. If you are already suffering from back pain, replacing the mattress can significantly reduce the pain and make you sleep better. A study from Oklahoma State University showed that. If it is more than eight years old, then honey, it’s too old.

4. Carrying Heavy Purse

Hello, ladies. What exactly is it that you carry in those bags that is so heavy, your lives? Anyway, important to note is that when you carry a heavy purse, you tend to imbalance your shoulders, throwing the spine off-kilter at the same time. The results over time are unbearable back pain that is worse than a sports’ injury. Drop that bag already people! Carry a lighter one that weighs less than 10% of your overall body weight.

5. Yoga is Not Your Thing

I’m not condemning you for not loving yoga. All am saying is that to avoid back pain, you need to detach away from stress and other worries. What better way to do that than through some yoga postures. It boosts circulation, putting at bay all emotional and structural triggers of back pain. However, don’t start doing those postures on your own without the help of yoga teacher. Some postures are complex and may cause injury if not done with caution. He/she will also help you identify which routines are best for people suffering from back pain if you are one. Above all, yoga gives you a chance to communicate with your inner self, giving you peace and happiness. What more can you ask for?


They say prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait for your back to start hurting for you to realize that you need to drop these habits and mistakes you often make, putting your back at risk. Life is already hard and back pain will make it even harder by disrupting your normal routines. I can bet you don’t want that. In that case, take better care of your back by stopping these mistakes.

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