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21 Weight Loss Tips

Are you planning a beach vacation and feeling morbid of how to flaunt your curves with a captivating bikini? Or want to look like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce Knowles? How many times you have taken the resolution to get started with an effective exercise regime and ended up with discontinuation? Feeling the blues over those recently gained extra pounds is inevitable as the beauty conscious mind pricks you to extreme. However, weight loss is possible through sheer dedication and commitment. Remember, your motto is not to shed those extra fats only, but to get rid of this health hazard called obesity for good.

So keep yourself motivated and follow this practical 21 weight loss tips that you have never tried before, to get that curvaceous figure and dazzle the party with poise:

Jazz up your life with eating right food with balanced proportion.

Start your day with a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey.

Follow the 3 week diet program that is tried, tested and science-based to lose weight within a few days.

Nutritionists advise to consume a cup skimmed milk, a boiled egg, and one slice brown bread, and one cup cut melon or kiwi with a plate of vegetable salad in breakfast.

Bring some variety in your breakfast by including apple or grape juice, multi grain bread, peanut butter, soy milk, muffins, fruit salad, and sugar free jam.

Choose yogurt, vegetable soup, grilled chicken, oatmeal bran bread, cooked quinoa, chicken or beef stew along with steamed brown rice as your lunch for the rest 3 weeks.

Make it a rule to consume your dinner between 7.00 pm or 8.00 pm and consume a cup of brown rice, grilled salmon, vegetable salad, and slices of watermelon.

Eat steam vegetables, grilled fish, salads, soups, tomato mixed pasta, fruits, and yogurt in the dinner.

Cut down on fried, oily food and consumption of junk foods.

Follow a diet with low carb, low fat and focus on food high in fiber, protein, and vitamin.
Boiled egg is another thing that you should eat in the morning as it contains B12. B12 aids in cutting down the fats.
Eat food in smaller yet frequent portions and drink minimum 6 to 7 glasses of water daily.
Go for more leafy vegetables, juices, fresh fruits in your diet plan and refrain from consumption of dairy products. Instead lean on skim milk.
Keep a check on your sugar and salt intake and consume as less as possible.

Along with food regime do some cardio exercise, stretching, and aerobics.

Brisk walking is another good exercise to burn those extra calories. So form a habit of walking at least for half an hour in the morning or evening as per your convenience.

Get the habit of going on a morning walk to feel jovial for the whole day.

A minimum 7 hours sleep is essential to keep you fit and shed those extra pounds.

Avoid all alcoholic and caffeinated drinks and other habits like smoking.

Do some meditation and yoga early in the morning or while time permits you.

Some home remedies like munching apples, drinking aloe vera juice, berry juice, or green tea is a sure help for burning calories.

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