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10 tips to stay active during dieting

Even if you are usually hyper-active, work-steered and orderly, with a broad mind and infinite ambition, you won’t achieve much if your body and mind are screaming for you to lie down and rest your eyes. Calories are responsible for the synthesis of energy in the body. However, too much calorie intake leads to obesity or overweight cases, which pose numerous health risks. Dieting requires one to cut back on the amount of calorie intake in order to keep their weight in check and live healthily.
Drawing back on the amount of calories one takes in somehow affects the body’s energy production, which is why some people feel sluggish and lazy when on a diet. Luckily, one can overcome the fatigue that results from dieting through the following ten tips that can boost your productivity.


Formulate your own energy products.

When under a strict diet, you are required to abstain from processed foods and sugar which automatically crosses off energy drinks and soda. However, you can still come up with your own energy booster and still keep fit. An example is a tasty home-baked snack bar or re-hydrating drink rich in protein. It may provide you short-term energy, but will still keep you on your toes.

Listening to energizing music

Sustained concentration leads to exhaustion. Therefore, playing a little Bach or Mozart is not a bad idea. The melody is not too hook-y to distract your thought pattern and the harmony of the numerous instruments combined relaxes the mind.

Sort out your work issues

Even if you’re overly happy with your work and are comfortable with your workmates, responsibilities and little exasperations can pile up with time till you have a dark, angry cloud floating above you 8am to 5pm daily. One way to vent out these emotions is to take a vacation to just relax and let go. However you choose to sort your burnout, having a settled mind at work provides you with a lot of energy to utilize on more fun stuff.

Plan around your energy peaks

There are times when you are very productive during the day while other times you’re not. Plan your schedule around your energy; when you are most active.

The great out-doors

Even when the weather is gloomy and grey two-thirds a year, make a point of getting out at least 10 to 15 minutes every day to catch some vitamin D, which in return results in energy and moods boost.

Turn up that morning workout

Probably the first thing you sniff for when you awake to withdraw the sleep is coffee. There are some 5 minutes exercises you can incorporate to kick-start your day and leave you energized throughput the day such a morning jog, bike ride, some squats and working the treadmill just to mention a few.

Consume the right nutrition combination

Balance out your meals throughout the day to stay energized for example, you can have oatmeal or brown bread with eggs for breakfast, some meat or fish with veggies or salad for lunch and some protein snacks and smoothies in between meals to keep your energy pumping. Remember, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Try always stay active during the whole day.

Workout all your senses

Sometimes you’re required to work overtime at work but you find yourself struggling to keep awake. The way to beat the sleep and fatigue is by arousing all your senses; use some scented oils such as rosemary or peppermint, or target your alertness stress points such as the skin between your forefinger and thumb or your earlobes. You can also move around the room and maintain a chilly room temperature.


Minimize caffeine dosage

Taking large quantities of coffee at once is not as effective as taking little doses for instance during tea break or chewing on caffeinated mints.

The power of napping

Taking a nap allows your system to reboot, so when you feel beat and tired, take a 20 minute nap and you’ll be up and running after.
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Ana Cluff is the author of this article. Other than blogging part-time, Ana is also a fitness & health trainer professionally. She wrote the above article hoping to equip her readers with the tools to overcome sluggishness when undergoing a diet regime, and remain active 24/7. Ana finds diet pill rating center to provide great information on Phentramin-d tablets vs capsules and why you should opt for Phentramin-d tablets instead for your energy boost.

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