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Staying in Shape Without Bulking or Cutting

If you are just an average fitness guy who is relatively new to this type of lifestyle, you may be wondering whether or not you can stay in shape without necessarily having to go through the stages of bulking and cutting. Well, if you are a complete beginner to going to the gym, you do not necessarily have to worry about bulking or cutting too much due to the fact that the gym and the weight lifting is such a new experience and stimulant to your body that you will be able to make muscle gains pretty much no matter what. Now, if you are a skinny person, these newbie gains may seem as though you have added some muscle

but it is very lean and defined and there is not a lot of it, if you are someone who is overweight and you are a newbie, you may find that you look larger but your muscles look smooth instead.

Therefore to answer the question of whether or not you can stay in shape without having to bulk or cut, you would have to look at each individual person, however, let’s say that you were over-weight before starting the gym. The best thing that you can do here to try and stay in shape is to go on a cut and then go onto a bulk after you’ve lost fat. If you were a skinny person, you would benefit more if you bulked first and then went on a cut. But let’s just say that you are an average person who is in the middle of these two, you do not necessarily have to bulk or cut if all you are looking to do is stay in shape. As long as your diet is not completely poor and you have a good metabolism rate, you can go to the gym without having to really be on a mission of bulking or cutting although the results that you would see from doing these processes would be far better. But if you don’t have aspirations to be a bodybuilder, then you may just want to maintain the way you look by going to the gym and eating roughly the same amount of food each day.

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